Ari U. is originally from South Africa and moved to Vancouver about five years ago. He has received his Permanent Residency and works full-time as a digital lighting specialist for an animation company. Ari is also fortunate to have a great family structure who supports him so far, as to gift the down payment for the purchase of his new home.

But Ari is in a special situation.

He is currently going through hormone treatment as he transitions from a woman to man. His family has been incredibly supportive and want to make sure that he has a stable place that he can call home while he goes through his transition.

The search began last summer in Vancouver when the market was screaming hot.  It was tough since the market was so hot, but he got very close a few times – only being slightly outbid.  He was able to afford nearly $400,000 for a purchase price so it was just a matter of finding the place that he wanted.

Until the rules changed. His affordability dropped and he was priced out of the market.  Again, his family stepped up, gifting funds all the way up to nearly $230,000 in order to be able to get Ari into a place he can call home and create stability during his transition.

It took another six months, but in February Ari had an accepted offer and will be moving into his new home later in the spring.  It’s been very tough on him as readies for his first major surgery. Despite the stress, he’s finally got a place he can call home while he recovers.