Jonathon L. and his wife are a young married couple living in Chilliwack B.C. They approached a local mortgage broker in March 2016 looking for guidance on how to buy their first home. They have three children, including one with special needs who relies on a wheelchair. They started a plan that included a savings plan, working on building up credit and figuring out the price range in which they could potentially qualify. They needed a specific home to help with their special needs son, which was going to be in the $450,000-plus range. They had paid off all their debts, and credit was looking great. By September 2016 they had saved up almost $15,000 of their own savings and hoped to have enough for the beginning of 2017. Unfortunately, now the prices have gone up, but more importantly, the new mortgage rules have pushed them down to a home purchase of $400,000 while home prices have increased. They are now forced to rent, which is disappointing considering how they needed a home for their family.