Jones and I. Slark live in Maple Ridge B.C. and have been working for the past three years to get into position to purchase their first home together. They are both employed in the public sector, one with the Vancouver Christmas Bureau and Greater Vancouver Food Bank helping those people most in need. They set their goals over the past three years to pay off all of their unsecured debt and put away over $30,000 in savings for their down payment – and they met those lofty goals on small salaries. They were set to get into the market last fall for a house out in Mission B.C. for $500,000 and almost got a place. But due to one on short-term disability with no clear return to work date after back surgery, they couldn’t get a final approval so they had to let the place go. Then the rules changed in mid-October and even though they’re both working again, they can only qualify for a condo purchase of $400,000. They are heartbroken to be victims of timing with all their hard work over the three years to save. Instead of moving into their dream home this year, they have to start at the bottom and are looking at several more years of effort before being able to buy an actual house.