Ryan is a dentist in a thriving practice in Delta B.C., while his wife Megan is also an employee there. They have a young daughter and a second child on the way. Megan works part time, while Ryan puts in full-time hours and tries to get as many extra hours as possible. They planned to upsize from a condo to a townhouse close to the office to add room for their growing family. Before October 2016, they bought their ideal townhouse for $400,000. Their new home would be close enough for Ryan to easily take transit to commute to work. But once the new mortgage rules came into effect, they could only qualify for a purchase of $332,000. This essentially took them out of the market for their townhouse, leaving them in a condo that doesn’t work. The couple continue to save as much as they can, but their income isn’t likely to increase enough to get them into a home big enough for their family.