Sandra R. had difficulties with her credit last year and reached out to a mortgage broker to get back on track. She worked hard and saved a down payment, all while improving her credit. She is now ready to purchase a property in Ottawa in the $200,000-range having saved 10 per cent for the down payment. Sandra was really proud of her achievement. But with the new rules, it doesn’t matter now, because she doesn’t qualify. Sandra is devastated that she will have to continue paying rent of $1,200 per month when she could have moved into her own place and pay less on a monthly basis, while building something for herself. Even if she purchased out of town to find something a little cheaper, it would be an older home and she would have the expenses of a car and gas to drive to the city. Sandra would have fallen into debt to afford a house in the country, when she could have purchased in the city before the changes.