Stewan C. and his wife Karen A. are a young family in Edmonton. He emigrated from India four years ago and she from the Philippines four years earlier. They both had very strong credit histories and both worked at Tim Hortons. They had been saving up a five per cent down payment for a number of years, as it isn’t exactly easy on a fast-food income. The couple were hoping to buy a modest home for around $300,000 for their family and two-year-old son. However, by the time they contacted a mortgage broker, it was too late. While they would have qualified for that purchase prior to the mortgage changes, they were now limited to a house at $240,000 or a condo roughly $225,000, neither of which were going to work. They only have one vehicle and work separate shifts to take care of their son, so they couldn’t move to a neighborhood far from work just to get into their new price range. They’ve been so discouraged, after working so hard for so long to become home owners, they considered moving to India.